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Infrared Rum



Released March 2014
Format CD
Added on Thursday, 10 March 2016
Genre Hip Hop
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Edition date 2014
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Phesto Dee, or simply Phesto, of the Souls Of Mischief and the greater Hieroglyphics collective, has released a terrific sophomore album of lyrical exhibition, reflection of self, and muckraking with Infrared Rum. Phesto is once again super lyrical, hurling volley after volley of clever rhyme insults and boasts, amazing metaphorical imagery, and frightening threats. The album is produced entirely by Phesto himself with a few select musicians providing real instruments here and there. It's a mixed bag of sonic delights, both rugged and delicate, with ample amounts of bump to get heads nodding. After the initial self promotion and confident striding at the beginning of the disc, almost in an effort to shift the balance and tone, Phesto analyzes his past and present life with a very humble demeanor. On "Unregretful," he admits to the bad behaviors that shaped him, not proud of them but understanding of the motivations nevertheless. On "Mind Muscle," Phesto's mindset revolves around the idea of getting better in every way. And he summarizes his come up, in the closer "Yo Yo's Up," as a young man following his heart and mind and what is right to overcome adversity and come out victorious. But arguably the most important parts of Infrared Rum are those in which Phesto gets socially conscious and speaks on sociopolitical philosophy. He sets in motion a critical examination of the Federal Reserve and the American banking system in "Cryptocurrency" and lambasts corrupt politicians and corporate executives in "Crook In Y'all." Phesto is true to himself completely this time around and comfortable in his own skin. Infrared Rum is a masterpiece of self discovery and social activism via real hip hop.

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