Hiero Day 2015 Tickets available NOW!

Hiero Day has become very expensive for us to produce and has relied on public contributions. In order for us to avoid overcrowding and to ensure we provide a safe and controlled environment we have initiated an easily obtainable entrance fee of $19.93. This is necessary for us to maintain the level of quality event that you expect and deserve.


Hiero Day is still FREE for "Active" Youth!! We provide ways for members and employees of any Bay Area non­profit organization to get into Hiero Day for free, only. That includes Youth UpRising, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, EYODC, Boy Scouts, Girls Club etc. “ACTIVE YOUTH” is defined as “youth that are members of a local non­profit organization, ONLY”. Youth MUST present their Membership ID for Free entry.

“$1000 Ticket Buy Back” 

At the end of the event we will buy one ticket back from a fan for $1000. If your ticket number matches the Ticket Buy Back number you will leave Hiero Day 2015 $1000 dollars richer!!

Finally, if anyone cannot afford Hiero Day 2015 We have a plan for you;



Get Tickets NOW!

For more information visit Hieroday.com

Thanks for your support, let's have a wonderful Hiero Day 2015!!!

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OPIO and Free The Robots team up for a full length album titled SEMPERVIRENS due out 9.18.15!! Here's music for your ears..

Sempervirens Album Capsule OPIO: “Sempervirens” means always living. Both FTR and I have a common goal of making timeless music. We spent countless hours out in nature. Walking the rugged coastlines of the northern California coast and writing and recording in groves of the giant redwoods. This time spent away from the chaotic concrete jungles we both live in recharged our batteries and set the stage to create art off of the renewed energy from our inspiring journey. To me in a way the album is very psychedelic but it’s not druggy. It’s more psychedelic in the terms of me sitting in the woods and clearing my thoughts and mind. When I emerge from the psychedelic experience I feel more powerful, stronger, whole and then this is my creation from that renewal of self. FTR: As much as my productions have had a tendency to stray in strange directions over the years, my roots are in Hip Hop. The making of Semepervirens was therapeutic for me. It brought me back to my roots, with a decade worth of new ideas that defined FTR. I spent most of my years creating in solitary, and finally finding the like minded Opio to build with just felt right. I feel like we are both going through a re-birth, and with that, we both have been able to create with no expectations; just open minds. We spent a lot of time in different environments in the making of this album, but it was getting back to nature that kept us grounded and inspired.

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Discount code SEMPERVIRENS918 to get 30% off

Spend at least $50.00 and use discount code SEMPERVIRENS918 to get 30% off your entire order http://hieroglyphicsemporium.bigcartel.com

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Til Infinity is an in-depth documentary on the legendary Bay Area hip-hop group Souls of Mischief, featuring the crew's journey to their landmark '93 Til Infinity album

The Documentary/Screening:

Til Infinity is an in-depth documentary on the legendary Bay Area hip-hop group Souls of Mischief, featuring the crew's journey to their landmark '93 Til Infinity albumTil Infinity will be making its New York screening debut at the New York City International Film Festival on Friday, May 1, having been previously screened at events such as the Pan-African Film Fest, while being the winner of Best Local Film at the San Francisco Black Film Festival last year. 


Directed by Oakland filmmaker/life-long Souls of Mischief fan Shomari SmithTil Infinity celebrates the 20-year anniversary of '93 Til Infinityoffering a retrospective look at the famed project with commentary from hip-hop notables such as A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg, Dilated People's Rakaa Iriscience, Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Robert Bobbito Garcia, award-winning writer Thembisa S. Mshaka, Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg)A&R rep Dante Ross, radio and television icon DJ Sway, and more. Til Infinity shows Souls of Mischief in a way never seen before, with the members discussing their early creative process and sharing personal stories about each track on the album, as well as the decision to go independent as one of the only hip-hop groups to walk away from a major record label while owning their publishing rights.


"I have spent a great amount of my life following hip-hop culture as a fan and supporter of the music," says director Shomari Smith. "It only made sense to feel a connection to the music of a group of guys who grew up in my neighborhood in East Oakland, California and attended my same schools. This group was the Souls Of Mischief." As part of the larger collective of MC's, producers, and DJ's known as Hieroglyphics, Souls of Mischief continue making strides in the Bay Area hip-hop scene with a style and energy all their own. Their story is one of brotherhood, loyalty, perseverance, and innovation. Til Infinity captures that essence, inspiring audiences to stay course and follow their passions. Catch the New York screening debut on Friday, May 1 at Helen Mills Theater.


Watch the Til Infinity trailer: https://vimeo.com/82755755

Til Infinity Screening:

May 1, 6:00PM - 10:00PM
137 West 26th St., New York, NY.

Please contact Michelle or Rory if interested in attending.

The Background:
Founded in 1997 in Oakland, California, Hiero Imperium Records was founded by artists Del The Funky Homosapien, Casual, Pep Love, Domino, and the group Souls of Mischief, consisting of members A-Plus, Opio, Phesto and Tajai. After releasing albums on several major labels, the collective established their own independent Hieroglyphics Imperium label, website, and merch company in 1997, and are credited as creating the blueprint for independent rap labels. Few other rap collectives have withstood the test of time and are still considered as vibrant, respected, and talented as when they first stepped on the scene 20+ years ago. They are also credited as being one of the first hip hop groups to work with skate, snow, and surf companies . Created by Del the Funky Homosapien, their "third eye logo" is considered the third most recognized music logo according to Rolling Stone Magazine, and has been seen tattooed on dozens of fans all over the world.

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